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From: Brad Roberts (
Date: 09/15/03

Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 08:55:12 -0700

I figured it out. If I do not enable the Windows strong
passwords but properly install the custom filter it will
only use the custom filter.
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>You answered my concern about it being supported on
>Thanks, I should be able to test on my client. Now
>another question. The docs for password filtering refer
>making the proper registry entry but to not remove
>anything else in the multi-string key. If I am replacing
>the system's filtering with custom filtering should the
>new dll be the only entry in the key data?
>Currently "scecli" is there.
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>>The functionality of password filtering is supported on
>Windows 2000 and
>>later as well.
>>I'm not sure which sample you're specifically talking
>about, but if it's the
>>"passfilt.dll" that was designed to work on NT4, then
>these particular
>>restrictions no longer make sense for Windows 2000 and
>later as they are
>>already integrated into the OS.
>>Note that the password filter must be installed on every
>domain controller
>>in your domain or on your local machine if you are
>changing passwords for
>>local accounts.
>>I don't know what sorts of problems you are having, so
>please elaborate.
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>>"Brad Roberts" <> wrote in
>>> I am looking at documentation, etc. for this topic and
>>> I see refers to Win NT. Does this also work on 2000 and
>>> XP?
>>> I have modified and compiled the SDK sample and tried
>>> test it but am having problems. Is this functionality
>>> available on the domain controller? I am logged into a
>>> network domain. What's the easiest way to test it? My
>>> development environment is WIN 2000. Thanks.