Re: IIS Webservice + SQL 2008

I think you need to look at delegation.

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Thank you for your quick response. I have all authentications disabled. Only
Windows Authentication is enabled. When I change something in sql from
webservice same thing happens. User which is provided as Application pool
made changes in database and not user who is logged into Webservice through
Windows authentication.

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I hope this question belongs to this thread. I am developing webservice
provide access to sql for users. The IIS authentication is Windows
authentication. The Application pool is some domain user. The question is:
How can I enable that user which is logged in webservice will be logged to
sql too. Because at this moment if user changes something in sql through
webservice, I see that the change was made by that user which is provided
Application pool and not by user logged in to the webservice.

It sounds like you have Anonymous access enabled so the Windows
authentication credentials are not passed by the browser. Try disabling
Anonymous access.



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