RE: Certificate Mapping - Debugging

Hi Mark,

Has his client certificate's private been properly exported and installed
on the user's computer? On the problematic client machine, open mmc.exe and
add Certificates snap-in, select current user. Verify the certificate in
Personal store. There should be a line 'You have a private key
corresponds...' indicates the cert's private key is properly installed.

Furthermore, the CA which issues the client certificate must be trusted by
the IIS server, which means the CA's certificate must be installed on IIS
server's computer account's Trusted Root CA store. You can launch
Certificates mmc and open Computer account's store to check this.

To narrow down the problem, you may install his client cert on your machine
and mapping it to your user account to test. If this doesn't work as well,
the problem has been confirmed on the cert or its trust relation.



WenJun Zhang

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