Re: Windows Authentication Access Denied Error

When the user hits the website the first response is 401 2 2148074254
For myself, it then goes to 200 0 0 as a successful login
For the users who are failing, the second response is 401 3 5
At this point, a login prompt window pops up. If the user enters their
login and password here, they get the access denied error and the entry in
the log is 401 1 0

"David Wang" wrote:

On Dec 2, 12:38 pm, L Nelson <L Nel...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I have two Windows 2003 servers hosting an ASP.NET site. Both servers are
using Windows Authentication. Everything was working fine, but suddenly my
users are not able to access the dev site. They are still able to access
prod fine. When attempting to access the site they are getting a 401 "access
denied" error message. I suspect that our company's automated lockdown
policies are causing the problem, but in order to have them configured so
they will not interfere I need to know all the services that the Windows
Authentication protocol uses, and also if there are any specific folders or
directories that the users need to have access to. The lockdown policies
restrict access to anything and everything on C. The web files and also the
SQL Server Express engine are installed to the E directory on the server. I
am still able to access both sites, as I am also on the local admins group.

It sounds like your question is more about the dependencies of your
specific web application, unrelated to IIS.

To be certain -- please check the IIS log entry for the requests which
result in "401 access denied" and make sure it is not 401.1 or 401.2.



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