Re: Authentication Fails with DNS name, works for Server Name and IP

Look in the server's security log, once login success/failure is enabled.
What I am wondering is if it has negotiated to use Kerberos but then
fails to do so. Using servername (non-DNS) or IP guarantees that the
negotiation will not elect to use Kerberos.


"Jeff Gilleland" <jeffreybruce@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I am having what seems to be a fairly unique problem and one that I
cannot find much of a resolution for.
I have a web application that is using Windows Authentication. IIS
authenticates it first just fine and then a web service sends out a
request which is then returned for re-authentication.
The url string comes back in the format of

When this url returns, it will not pass through the Windows
Authentication again. Putting everything anon works fine but breaks
some of the functionality of the site as it needs the current user's

However, if I use the machine name or IP address, it works just fine.
Those URLs would be:


Any ideas?


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