Re: IIS 6 & UNC Share Scurity Issue

Good Day Pablo & Others!

I looked into your steps, after adding the account to the cluster resource
the rights do appear under the sharing / security tab. Still the same results
when browsing the site though. I am able to map to the folder through a
command prompt.

I have started to create another couple VM's to re-create the setup in the
event there was a configuration problem. Once done, I will try the config you
pointed out, this time without the cluster and instead just a seperate box
with a share.

Will be in touch.

"Pablo A. Allois" wrote:

Hi Rob,

How is the problem ?

"Rob C." <RobC@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have looked at this program. it shows me that I get an "Access Denied"
error to the folder that I have changed the rights on.
The access is being denied is for the account rcareyad, this account does
have full NTFS right on the folder (
_Secure folder is where the rights are changed.

I think it is something to do with the account used in the login as:
IE for the UNC path (Same account being used for the application pool),
removed access to the _secure folder. I would assume that the login would
prompt like it is, but using an account that has the right NTFS
get the error. I would think something to do with multiple authentication
not "impersonating" correctly?

"Pablo A. Allois" wrote:

Please, make the troubleshooting with procmon, to see more exactly what
the problem.


"Rob C." <RobC@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Thanks for your reply Pablo!

I am and have been able to get the configuration to work that you
the first part / Guide.
It is when I try to secure the folder so that the clients would need to
login using a different account rather then the one that is being used
anonymous access (Connect as: account) due to removing that account
NTFS rights on the share. I have tried about everything and am now
look at different options. Currently out IIS boxes are 32bit and the
cluster is 64 bit and all are VM's inside VMware ESX 3.5. Although I
think any of this should matter.

What are others doing to create a central IIS web services? We have
sites and would like to ensure they are all redundant. I thought that
multiple front end servers connected to a back end cluster would be
this way we did not need to worry about data replication or what boxes
clients connected to to do the updates.
Any one have any suggestions?

Thanks again for your time folks.


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