Re: CSR - Won't process pending request

When you create the certificate request using the IIS wizard, it creates a "pending request" in the machine's cert store.

You can verify whether this still exists by going to:
Start -> Run -> MMC.exe
Add/Remove Snapin
Add the Certificates MMC snapin and point it to the Machine store
Examine the pending requests node.

If your request isn't there, then the cert that you downloaded can't be matched to a pending request and the wizard will fail.

Generate a new request, and issue a new certificate (after revoking the old one).


"rileymartin" <rileymartin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:6C709FCD-222B-473A-98CC-FEFC2CCE6784@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I'm migrating Exchange to new hardware and after generating a new CSR
and downloading our new cert, it won't process. I generated the request
using the IIS MMC and I'm trying to process the pending request also in IIS.
When I browse to the cert file and click it says the following:

'The pending certificate request for this response file was not found. This
request may be canceled. You cannot install selected response certificate
using this Wizard.'

I'm new to both Exchange and IIS so any help would be greatly
appreciated. Thanks.