Re: hiding IIS 6.0 signatures

Hiding an "IIS" signature is merely "security through obscurity".

An exploit that compromises IIS will work regardless of whether your server exhibits IIS behaviour or not.

And frameworks like metasploit mean that an attacker can hurl thousands of automated exploits at your server, disregarding what it is (or attempts to disguise it) in a few seconds. Obscurity = good. But it's not real security.


"tony" <tony@xxxxxxx> wrote in message news:%23Wh1D8zVIHA.4740@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
we currently have linux proxies in front of IIS. i want to remove the proxies and expose the IIS servers.

any downside or comments on this setup?
"Bernard Cheah [MVP]" <qbernard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:u7$KXtzVIHA.536@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
You can try urlscan from
Hiding the banner won't protect the server from being attacks.

So make sure the box is patch, you have proper firewall etc in place.

Bernard Cheah

"tony" <tony@xxxxxxx> wrote in message news:OPs5VJzVIHA.5508@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
How do i hide IIS 6 signatures from a scan or netcraft?


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