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IIS 6 SQL Injection Sanitation ISAPI Wildcard at

I created an ISAPI dll application to prevent SQL Injection attempts by
intercepting the HTTP requests and sanitizing both GET and POST variables (or
any combination of both) before the request reaches the intended code. This
is especially useful for legacy applications not designed to deal with MS SQL
Server Injection attempts. Though this application was designed with MS SQL
Server in mind, it can be used with no or minimal changes with other database

This ISAPI is only compatible with Internet Information Server (IIS) 6.0
which comes with Windows 2003. Windows XP uses IIS 5 engine which DOES NOT
support ISAPI Wildcard.

Rodney Viana, PMP

Actually, IIS5's core request processing engine does support Wildcard
Application Mapping. It just does not support HSE_REQ_EXEC_URL which
is what allows one to "continue the request".


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