Re: Problems Accessing Remote UNC Shares via Virtual Directories

On Dec 5, 9:07 am, "Ben" <b...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

We've got a Wiki setup on one of our member servers (win2003 std edn) for
providing information to our users. We also have some documentation stored
on our main file server (also win 2003 std edn), which is usually accessed
via a mapped drive, i.e. M: = \\\manuals.

So that these documents can be accessed via the Wiki, I've created some
virtual directories under the wiki, that point to the UNC paths of the
required shares. However, I'm having problems accessing those virtual
directories. I can access them fine if I supply a set of generic credentials
under the 'Connect As' button. However, some of these documents are not for
everyone, so I want to use the 'Always use the authenticated user's
credentials...' option. The trouble is, when I select this option, no one
can access any of the virtual directories, even using the domain admin

The directory security is set to anonymous access - disabled, Integrated &
digest - enabled, realm - I've noticed that when I try to
authenticate, the credentials popup auto enters\username,
rather than the usual domain\username, or just username.

Can anyone help, or suggest a way to get authentication working correctly?

Many thanks


If you want to use Integrated, you will also need to set up delegation
for that scenario to work. The reason it does not "just work" is for
security reasons.