Re: Digest Authentication - IIS6

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Hi everybody,

First, I apology for my english.

I am fighting with a web site to setting up to use Digest
I set the domain correctly, DNS are ok, but I cant login to the
If I setup the website with Basic authentication works fine (for the
server and for the sniffers).
I verify that the user password have a reversible encryption.

What does digest need to work ?

It happen on a Windows 2003 Server R2, IIS6, Application Pool was
running with System and with DomainGodCredentials ... and still not working.

Saludos y gracias!

Hola Pablo,

Your english is better then most people who were born in the US :)

Digest AuthN for domain accounts since Windows 2003 does not require
any settings or privilege levels different then what you would need to
configure in order to do regular Windows Integrated Authentication.

This is not entirely true. It depends on the functional level that your Active Directory domain is running as.


Digest can be a difficult protocol to work with, however, because the
user name is part of the hash value. Using an unexpected name form,
random capitalization, or a mismatch between the client and server can
all cause problems.

Are you using a domain account?
What version is the server running AD?
What is the client OS and what version?
What name form are you using for the user account? NetBIOS (domain
\user) and UPN forms should work for sure.