Re: set httpcontext and still use anonymous auth, demo site

However when i use anonymous the httpcontext does not get set. It is the
httpcontext we use to get the security context of the current user accessing
the page, we would like to hard code that for our demo and not require a

For example, if we were running a sharepoint site and wanted to autologin an
internet user to demo something that you have to be authenticated to
sharepoint as a particular user to do...

In this case the custom app is normally placed on an intranet and we use
integrated authentication, however in order to demo from the internet we
don't want to require a login prompt but still need there to be an
httpcontext in order for some of the functionality to work. Anonymous auth
leaves no httpcontext.

"David Wang" wrote:

If you want all web users to automatically login using an account,
then you should configure IIS to use Anonymous authentication because
that's exactly what it does.


On Jan 29, 12:53 pm, Dan Brinkmann
<DanBrinkm...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
We are trying to setup a demo of our software on the internet and would like
to avoid having a user login. Our application normally relies on Integrated
Auth to determine the current user as much of the interface is determined
based on who the user is and what rights they have. Our demo site always
uses a "demo" account, and we would like to avoid having an authentication
prompt, just automatically login using this demo account. We are using .net
1.1 and IIS 6. Thanks!


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