Re: Integrated Windows Authentication and Windows XP for ASP.NET Application


In IE Tools->Internet Tools->Security Tab -> Custom Level, is the "Automatica logon with current username and password" radio button checked (it's at the bottom)?


aartinawanishah@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
We are running an IIS 5.1 on a Windows 2000 Server using Integrated
Windows Authentication to connect to our
ASP.NET intranet application.

All users are able to connect without having to enter their login name
and password. Only users running IE on a Windows XP platform (both with
and without SP2) are being redirected to the website's login screen as
their windows authentication is failing.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what the problem may be?

We have made sure that the IE setting 'Enable Integrated Windows
Authentication' box is checked for the problem users.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.