Re: Intranet site not working after losing primary DNS server

This sounds like a DNS/networking issue, unrelated to IIS. Pertinent
information includes the mechanism that your entire network uses to
look up IP addresses for names.

- Why don't you just restore the primary DNS server
- Or point all your servers to use the secondary DNS?
- Why would you play around with HOSTS/LMHOSTS?
- Why do you think that adding LMHOSTS file to secondary DNS server

If your machines use DHCP to get network settings, make sure the
secondary DNS server is broadcast out to the DHCP clients and you're
done. If you use static routing, make sure that several DNS servers
such as primary and secondary are configured by default and you are

To me, whatever you are doing does not appear to address losing a DNS


Larry wrote:
Our intranet site which runs on a Windows 2003 server and runs IIS60 will not
work after our primary dns crashed last week. We have the security in IIS
set at basic authentication and the login box still appears but when you type
your username and password it comes back and says page cannot be displayed.
We have an lmhosts file on the IIS box that points to the dns server and
public IP address for our domain. Since the primary dns server went down, we
added an lmhosts file to our secondary DNS server but it still doesn't work.
We checked the firewall and made a change to reflect to secondary dns server.
Does anyone have any other ideas as to what else I can check? If I left out
any pertinent info let me know.


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