Re: Remote Desktop for Administration and Integrated Windows Authentication bug?


I am going to answer my own question.

Remote Desktop for Administration is caching the logon details for the
server and then using them for all access to that server including
websites. This is a bit rubbish and I hope someone from MS can clear up
whether this is as designed or a bug. I suspect as designed, but I
certainly think it should be changed. I thought the whole point of IWA
was to use the logged on authenticated user?

Anyway, you can fix this problem in Control Panel --> User Accounts -->
Advanced --> Manage Passwords and removing the settings for the web
server in there.

You can still use Remote Desktop with different credentials - just
ensure that the 'Save my password' checkbox is not checked.



JimLad wrote:

I ran Remote Desktop for Administration for the first time yesterday
with 'helpdesk' credentials. These are not the credentials that I am
logged onto my workstation with. However now when I access a website on
that server using IE6 with IWA enabled, I am getting authenticated as

So, first of all that sounds like a bug. Back to Dameware for me!
Secondly I can't fix it. I have rebooted, deleted cookies and cached
files, forms and passwords. Nothing. How to I return IWA to my logon

The workstation is XP2 and server is Server2003.




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