Re: Network/Web Site Authentication

Hi WenJun,

That fixed the problem, after turning off the 'Enable Integrated Windows
Authentication' option in IE the WSUS site works.

We are running 2 Windows 2003 domain controllers, so Kerberos should work, I
don't think we've had any other problems flagged, there don't seem to be any
Kerberos related events in any of the event logs.

How do I troubleshoot Kerberos related issues in IIS 6? I've read but that's for troubleshooting IIS 4 & 5.
Will the same principles work?

I will post a topic to the Windows AD group, but I'm not to sure what to
ask, as I have no error codes or messages to go on.

Many thanks


""WenJun Zhang[msft]"" <wjzhang@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi Ben,

I saw NTLM works according to the trace. As least, the authentication is
passed between IIS and the client. Now it looks like this is probably a
Kerberos auth related issue.

Please go to the problematic client, open its IE Internet
Options->Advanced, make sure the 'Enable Integrated Windows
option isn't selected. In this case, IE will use NTLM to perform
auth with IIS instead of Kerberos protocol. See if this will let the SUS
site work from now.

If it works, this means Kerberos authentication fails in your domain. You
have to ping our Windows AD group to help on Kerberos side
Do you have a proper Kerberos Domain Controller(KDC) set in the domain?


Best Regards,

WenJun Zhang

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