Re: II6.0 ISAPI & MIME types

"Ibrahim." <Ibrahim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

following are my questions with regard to ASP.NET 2.0, II6.0 & Win2003
server running a Internet Application.;

1. What is the difference between MIME types & ISAPI filter.

A MIME type is a header that the server sends back to the client to tell the
client (e.g. browser) what type of file is coming.

ISAPI is an extensibility API for IIS, which allows you to write code that
extends the functionality of IIS

2. How can I restrict a file (*.pdf) from being accessed directly from the
URL through ISAPI filter.

You need to write an ISAPI filter that does that. You can use something like
URLScan (which is an ISAPI filter from Microsoft) to prevent direct requests
for .pdf files.

3. How can i secure directories & files in II6.0

There are lots of ways. You need to tell us what "secure" means in your



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