Re: fileshare on my website

if the website is visible on the internet side of the router then you have
the right ports open... for a normal site that means only port 80 and only
to the web server machine.

the question is, what is the difference between the pages the outside world
can open and the pdf's they can't open. i am assuming that since you
mention fileshares in the subject and included the sbs machine in the
configuration in question that the pdf files are in a shared directory on
the sbs machine. the most likely problem in this case is that the anonymous
internet account does not have access to the share on the sbs machine. when
you are accessing the pdf's locally you are using your local login
credentials which most likely do have access to the files in the share. if
these are correct assumptions you have basically 2 options. you could give
the anonymous internet account read access to the share, or you could copy
the documents you want outside users to see to somewhere on the web server
that they already have access to. i prefer the second method, keep
anonymous users confined to the web server as much as possible. this
normally means making a copy of what you want to expose and keeping the
original safely tucked away somewhere else.

"Nigel.UK." <NigelUK@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I am running wsbs2003sp1 on one machine and w2003sp1 and iis on my web
server. My website is visible on the www but clients cannot open pdf
documents, which i can open in my own browser.
apparently ipnat.sys is running on the wsbs machine and windows firewall
the web server. I have tried opening various ports on the web server and
the dsl router. Please advise me how to safely allow anonymous internet
browsers to open / download documents from links on my website.