Re: Problem Configure my Web Site to Use SSL

thecoolone wrote on 22 Apr 2006 12:45:38 -0700:

hi daniel,

im tryin to create a certificate so that i can use SSL.
but i tried searching it on google and cant find any SSL certification
authority that gives me a certificate free for personal use.

If it's for personal use only you can use Microsoft Certificate Server. Here
are instructions for IIS5, they should be pretty much the same as IIS6

Basically, you create your own certificate signing authority in Certificate
Server, use IIS to request a certificate, sign it in Certificate Server, add
the signed cert into IIS. You can then connect to IIS via SSL, and to avoid
the security warning you can install the root certificate into your browser.

Can u tell me how can i get a certificate either a generic one or a
specific one will do.
I just want to be able to use SSL.

What exactly are you using SSL for? If it's purely for encrypting the
connection and won't be used for public access to your server, using a self
created certificate will be fine. If this is going to be used by people
connecting to your site that you have no control over adding certs to their
browsers, you will need a paid certificate if you want to avoid the security
dialog that informs the user that the certificate is not trusted. I don't
know of any free server certificates that are signed by a common browser
trusted authority - the whole point of a publicly trusted certificate is
that the owning company has had checks carried out against it, and that
costs money.