Re: IUSR has to be in Admin group to work

Get filemon and regmon from to trace as well.

Bernard Cheah

"Ishmealm" <Ishmealm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
This is from an earlier post, but I think I posted for the wrong thing.

None of my applications that use the IUSR account for anonymous
authenication work, unless, I add the IUSR account to the admin group
goes for all apps, asp, html, CF, etc..). I checked and it is in the
Group and it has the following User Rights Assignments:

Access this computer from the network
Allow Logon Locally
Bypass Traverse Checking
Log on as a Batch Job

I can't see that this is any different from any of our other web servers.
also can't find that it needs to be anywhere else. I don't want to leave
in the Admin group for any longer than I have too. It's a dev server, so
hasn't been a problem yet, but I'd still like to get it setup correctly.