Re: Multiple SSL certs on virtual servers - add. info

I assumed you have disable socket pooling, and no other apps is binding
port 443 of the new ip address.
get tcpview or other port view program to double check.

Bernard Cheah

"justageezer" <justageezer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I forgot to mention I'm running IIS5.1/Win2K fully patched, bandaged and
locked-down, and that I can get both secure sites to work if I use both a
different IP and a different port, however this would be the solution of
"justageezer" wrote:

Hi all,
I've read the posts on multiple SSL certs on virtual servers, as well as
kb articles (again) and I'm wondering if anyone has had the same issue
getting now. In the past I've always managed to get multiple certs
working by
either using a different port or a different IP address. I understand
encrypted host headers but I thought that as long as the SecureBinding
the vserver was unique it should work.
E.g x.x.x.x:443 and x.x.x.x:444 would work, OR x.x.x.x:443 and
would work. IIS shouldn't need to decrypt the host header (which it cant
until it gets the right cert anyway) as long as there is only one vserver
that matches the IP:port of the request?
Sooo... I've gone to set up a second cert on our current server, bought a
second IP, configured the vserver to use the new IP and installed the
No joy - IIS won't bind as it claims that binding is taken - despite the
other ssl vserver using the other IP. If I set the second site to use
Unassigned' IIS will bind, but it still don't work :(
SSL Diagnostic tool can successfully imitate a handshake, however a
simply times out.
Any ideas?
Paul Bryant