Re: SSL/Certificates

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Again, I'm very new and do not understand if that is a command inserted
into a web page or something I configure in IIS.

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set a redirect

"Carl Lovejoy" <clovejoy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I am completely new to SSL enabled sites and am not a web developer
so bear with me if I do not relay the problem correctly the fist time.
I have a web site that uses integrated windows authentication to allow
our remote sales force into our cognos web page. I have been asked to
set this site up as a secure (ssl) site. I have created the crs and
have received a certificate via 3rd party and have successfully
installed it on web server. Our sales force is used to going to the non
encrypted http site and I would like to be able to automatically switch
over to the secure https site. It would be easier if I could accomplish
this without having to handle every remote user and update their
favorite entry.

My second question is much more complex. I have enabled SSL and when
I go to the new https site I am prompted with our authentication box to
log on. However, when I key in my credentials it automatically forwards
me to the http login site and not the https login site. Is this
something that is hard coded into the web page to redirect to a hard
coded http address? I was under the assumption that once SSL was enabled
on the site (and all child objects) that it would continue to progress
through the web pages using https (encryption). I hope my explanation
is sufficient to receive a response.

Thanks in advance,