Using Root of Drive for Home Directory of Virtual Directory

Does anyone know of a security issue of using the root of a drive, for
instance d:\, as the home directory of a virtual directory in IIS? I
am proposing doing this for purposes of Remoting to save a lot of
effort in configuring remoting objects. My company already has an
established directory for executables that I would like to use and some
of the executeables we currently have in out established directory will
be shared code in the new remoting objects. Being able to use this
established directory will keep us from having to duplicate code in
multiple directories or signing code and putting it in the GAC. The
established directory is one below the root directory and I can point
to this directory in the web.config with the probing element.
However, we are a little wary of making the root of a drive the home
directly of a virtual directory but no one can come with an actual
reason for not doing so.


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