Re: IIS inetpub folder

Thanks Bernard.

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> The inetpub folder permission ? well, as long as the IIS user has
> permissions over it, I don't see any issue. E.g. if it allow anonymous
> access, then make sure anonymous account has at least READ permission.
> Next, I can understand why you want to put all web files in a share
> drives, but for mailroot, I would suggest to leave it on the machine
> itself.
> As for the permission, again the user need to have CHANGE permission.
> Refer the following KB, it shows the permissions needed.
> Runtime Error '800a0046' Using the Send Method of CDONTS.NewMail
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>>I have a webserver running IIS 6.0. All the sites are stored on a network
>>share. Can I change the permissions on the Inetpub folder to only allow
>>admin access? What NTFS permissions do i need to set on the mailroot
>>folder so that sites can send mail to the queue through cdonts?
>> Thanx