Re: Problem with SSL

You want "microsoft.public.inetserver.iis". Certificates are most often
dealt with there.

What you did was tell IIS to not accept traffic on HTTP in that folder. It
will throw an error message if you try.

SSL has _NOTHING_ to do with JavaScript. I'd suggest making a test virtual
web and troubleshooting your redirects there without modifying paths or
anything else.

When you navigated, how did you do that? With a fully qualified hostname?

What's the URL?

"Dan" <Dan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, but here goes....
> I've recently built a website application using asp with both server and
> client side javascript (jscript). Most of the files reside in a
> subdirectory
> of the website root directory. I have an index page that does a redirect
> to
> the the correct starting page inside of this subdirectory.
> After installing the certificate, I went into the IIS Manager, selected
> the
> correct web site, navigated to my subdirectory, right clicked and brought
> up
> the properties window. Then I selected Directory Security->Secure
> Communications Edit and checked "Require Secure Channel". What I wanted to
> do
> was specify anything in this subdirectory should go through SSL. Up until
> this point everything was fine.
> After that I navigated to one of the pages inside of this subdirectory
> using
> IE. Now none of my client side javascript works. Even my mouse overs don't
> work any more. Someone told that something has gotten confused becuase the
> ports have changed. I was told that all that I need to do un-unstall and
> re-install the website.
> Does this make sense to anyone? How do I un-install and re-install? What
> does that do to the SSL certificate?
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> -Dan