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From: David Wang [Msft] (
Date: 10/20/05

Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2005 04:44:36 -0700

Here are some thoughts on what "security" really means:

If you are uneasy, I would suggest that you put two NIC in the server and
bind the administration website to the internal-facing NIC. Then, you can
trust in your network routing configuration skills to make sure that network
traffic goes to the right place.

Personally, if the administration site requires authentication, that's about
all the protection you need, even Internet facing.

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"Aric" <> wrote in message
I am currently about to launch an ecommerce solution for my company and
was wonder about securing the administration section.  Currently the
plans are to have the administration site in a virtual server using
windows authentication and restricted to local ips only.  While looking
at all the documentation I can find this should work perfectly I'm still
a little worried about having it on a server connected directly to the
net.  Anyone know of security flaws in IIS 6.0 running on w2k3 that
would allow users to get into the administration site?
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