Re: 500: Server Error [Access Denied]

From: Jeff Cochran (
Date: 09/04/05

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    Date: Sun, 04 Sep 2005 13:52:06 GMT

    On Fri, 2 Sep 2005 20:38:12 -0700, "Shane Roberts" <Shane> wrote:

    >I am the Sysadmin and IIS Support
    >The error above is with “Show friendly http messages” unchecked in the
    >browser settings. Otherwise it just gives an Internal Server 500 error.
    >Two servers contain exact copies of the website and are load balanced by BigIP
    >Servers are not members of any domain, all local permissions, they are DMZ
    >web servers only, Internet facing.
    >Windows 2000 Server, SP4
    >IIS 5.1
    >No DNS, everything is in local Host file and routing tables
    >Website uses .NET, ASP.NET (I’m not the developer and don’t know much about
    >the code)
    >Website uses Siteminder for client authentication and talks to a back-end
    >Sybase database
    >Internet customers browse to a login page, login and click hyperlinks to
    >access data (read-only), there is no data input. As users click these
    >hyperlinks they receive the error above. Not all the time, sometimes all the
    >time, sometimes hardly at all.
    >There are no errors reported in the Siteminder agent log on either web server
    >There are no 500 errors reported in the IIS logs for the website on either
    >There are no events in the event viewer on either server
    >If it were NTFS permissions I think it wouldn’t work all the time
    >At my work I can duplicate very fast the same error the external customers
    >At home it takes me many, many tries to get the error
    >I can’t seem to get the error local on the web server, at least not yet
    >(maybe just luck?)
    >I can’t seem to locate where this error is coming from so it can be fixed.
    >Any thoughts, suggestions, ideas are VERY much appreciated.

    Does BigIP share sessions across the cluster? Best guess is it
    doesn't, at least isn't in your case.


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