Re: IIS 5 - Integrated Windows Authentication Issues

From: Kirk Potter (potter_kirk_at_hot|\|
Date: 07/14/05

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    Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 08:01:16 GMT

    Hi Tom.

    The username and password are definately correct. I am using domain
    accounts. We have tried this on numerous machines with numerous accounts.

    Any ideas?


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    >> Hi,
    >> We have a Windows 2000 Server running IIS 5 and we are having problems
    >> with integrated windows authentication but only with some clients.
    >> For testing purposes I have been using WFetch on the server itself and we
    >> are getting HTTP 401.1: Unauthorized Login Failed.
    >> The application we are accessing is running under the default web site
    >> which has anonymous authentication enabled. The application itself has
    >> anonymous access disabled.
    >> The WFetch request is being run using a domain account, I have checked
    >> the ACLs for the physical folder and the Domain Users group has Read
    >> access. I've also added the specific account I am using via WFetch and
    >> even given this Full Control but I still get the same issue.
    >> It works fine from XP clients and some Windows 2000 clients (excluding
    >> the server itself), NT 4 clients do not work - in each case the latest
    >> version of IE is being used.
    > 401.1 indicates that either the username or password provided is bad - in
    > other words the server could not authenticate the client based on those
    > credentials. Are you using domain or local accounts?
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