Re: IIS Crashes at regular interval of time - Urgent

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Date: 07/11/05

Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 12:25:13 +0530

Hi Sparky,
I get Service control error message in the event viewer. IIS crashes and
restarts this will happens due to router reset ??

No Taskscheduler or xcopy was working by that time.

On monitoring the task manager no suspections happens but suddenly my remote
get cut from the server.
Any other clue sparky.

Thank you so much for your effort.

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>> Hi All,
>> My IIS 5.0 server(Win2k sp4) crashes at regular interval of time daily
>> once. for example everyday by 1.00 am my webserver crashes and it
>> restarts automactically after 5 mins for past one week. I have stopped
>> the antivirus, I have updated all the latest updates. i also downloaded
>> debugdiag.exe but the report generated by the debugdaig iam unable to
>> interpret the reports. Help me how to proceed further and resolve this
>> issue.
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Cheers,
>> Shiva.
> Aside from the other thread branches, check;
> 1) is it the IIS process or just you connectivity? You might have a
> router or something between you and it that is reset at that time. (Some
> cable and phone companies do that sometimes.)
> 2) is there anything in the task scheduler that runs at about that time?
> Some file copy activities can slow down or cause IIS to stop being able to
> serve requests. (I did that with a batch file running xcopy a couple
> times.)
> You might want to log into the console at the time the crash happens and
> use task manager and perfmon to see if you can spot anything.