Re: Sessions/Cookies?

From: Kyle Peterson (
Date: 05/17/05

Date: Tue, 17 May 2005 13:16:26 -0400

destory all the session variables and cookies on that page
and/or set them to blank.. either way

"Andy Smith" <Andy> wrote in message
> Hi there,
> I have an internal web site running in a Windows Server 2003 Active
> Directory domain. I've set it to NOT allow annonymous access so that users
> are requested for their username/password when they access it. I've also
> got
> a logoff button on the website which I want to do exactly that (log them
> off), which redirects them to a 'successfull logoff' page. However, they
> can
> press the back button to go back to the main page. I know it'a not as
> simple
> as just naming the file logoff.asp, but how can I achieve a 'proper'
> logoff,
> so that any further requests require them to log back on.
> Thanks very much/...