Re: Authentication doesnt work when using non - microsoft browsers :-(

From: thechaosengine (none)
Date: 05/16/05

Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 03:09:10 -0700

Sorry all,

Thanks for you're help so far.

I was meaning to say that Forms Authentication is configured is the web.config
and Integrated Windows Authentication is selected in the Authentication Methods
section of IIS.

The relevant section is the web.config file is:

        <authentication mode="Forms">
                <forms loginUrl="Login.aspx" name="ICIAuthTicket" timeout="30" path="/"></forms>

                <allow users="*" /> <!-- Allow all users -->

Then further along i have:

        <location path="secure">
                                <deny users="?"/>

I really never have figured out how IIS and security works. And its
not for wnat of trying either. I find the resources on the subject all ambiguous
or contrary to something else that I've read :-(

I'd really appreciate any suggestions on how to tackle my current problem

Thanks again