Re: Integrated Authentication in an Intranet

From: Ken Schaefer (
Date: 05/11/05

Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 10:34:49 +1000


IIS is only aware of the client's username if the client chooses to send
something to IIS. This may be the credentials that the user is logged on as,
or it may be alternate, acceptable credentials that the user has supplied to
IIS. By default, IE will attempt to "auto logon" for sites in the local
Intranet security zone, and then you can get the user name via the
Request.ServerVariables collection (in ASP): (for IE info)



"Bill Marcus" <> wrote in message 
: Being realitivly new to IIS can someone point me to some tutorials on how 
: setup ASP or ColdFusion pages to read the username from a client's 
: All clients will be:
: *    Conneting from inside the same Active Directory domain with constant
: physical connections to the Domain Controller and IIS 6.0 server.
: *    Running either Win 2000 Professional or XP Profession SP1 / 2 and
: Internet Explorer 5.0+
: I'm trying to pull show dynamic information on an intranet page without
: prompting for the user for their credentials. I.E. pass through based upon
: the user's logon information cached from either the NTLM sign-on or
: Kererbos.
: Thanks!
: Bill Marcus