IServerXMLHTTPRequest authentication problem

From: Lamberti Fabrizio (
Date: 03/07/05

Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2005 15:43:55 +0100

I've an authentication problem with IServerXMLHTTPRequest.

I've got two web server named WS_1 and WS_2 part of the same NT domain.

On WS_1 I've published on the virtual directory virt1 the asp file

On WS_2 I've published example2.asp on the virtual directory virt2.

Both virtual directories have enabled only the Integrated Windows
Authentication and I can't use any other type of authentication.

The file example1.asp try to retrieve some information from example2.asp by
using IServerXMLHTTPRequest object.

The problem is that example1.asp can't retrieve example2.asp because the
request is not made by the same domain user requesting example1.asp and so
correctely WS_2 can't authorized current request.

Inside the method open of IServerXMLHTTPRequest object I can set the user
and the pwd. I can retrieve the current user from
Request.ServerVariables("REMOTE_USER") but I don't know how to retrieve the
pwd. how can I do it ?