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From: onelikeseabass (
Date: 01/18/05

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    Date: 18 Jan 2005 08:53:22 -0800

    This only works if the end user has "show friendly HTTP error messages"
    turned OFF in IE. If they don't have it turned off, IE will give them a
    locally generated error message and never even look at the custom

    This is *not* an issue with Firefox/Netscape/any other non-IE browser.

    David Wang [Msft] wrote:
    > This is also a FAQ, so make good use of Google...
    > Actually, you're asking the wrong question... You cannot force IIS
    to use
    > because IIS does not make the decision of what
    > protocol to use on a given request.
    > When someone types in, the BROWSER/CLIENT CHOOSES a
    > protocol, like http://, to prepend to the URL and make the request.
    > What you CAN do is configure IIS to only accept SSL requests. Now,
    when a
    > browser makes a http:// request, IIS will respond with a 403.4 custom
    > telling the browser "this web page requires SSL". However, browsers
    > just dumbly display that custom error... so what you have to do is
    > the 403.4 custom error that IIS responds with to be a 302 redirection
    > https:// (sorta like the web server telling the browser "hey you, I
    > accept HTTP requests, but if you let me redirect you to this HTTPS
    URL, we
    > can try that again" ).
    > This is pretty easy to do -- create a ASP page that uses
    Response.Redirect ,
    > set it for the 403.4 custom error, and turn on "SSL-only" at the root
    > your website.
    > Now, if you also need vdirs that are NOT SSL-only, you obviously need
    > configure them specifically to accept non-SSL requests (uncheck the
    > accept SSL requests" option) and change their 403.4 custom error as
    > appropriate.
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    > "David" <> wrote in message
    > I am using SSL on the root of my web site. How can I force IIS to
    > "" instead of the default
    "" when
    > someone types in ""
    > Thanks in advance.
    > David Johnson

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