Re: Password protecting emails

From: Bernard (
Date: 12/01/04

Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2004 12:23:12 +0800

password protected email ? or your mean encrypted email ? or digital
signature email ?
Anyway, since you are using exchange 2k. you should try post this to
exchange newsgroups as this is IIS webserver newsgroups.

Bernard Cheah
"Don" <> wrote in message
> I was asked by the government to password protect our email. When I looked
> into this it said to have security certificate in IIS installed. What I am
> looking for is to setup our exchange server 2000 so that the users on the
> network can send password protected email. Does anyone know of where to
> so that I can find a step by step guide in setting up the server and the
> end?
> Thanks
> Don