Re: IIS 6 will not work with IP address

From: David Wang [Msft] (
Date: 11/29/04

Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 04:11:26 -0800

401.3 shows that authentication worked, but the remote authenticated
identity did not have NTFS ACL rights to access the resource. Fix either
the ACLs or the authentication protocols in IIS such that the two match up,
or else you will keep getting 401.3. Proxy/Integrated Authentication
configuration have nothing to do with your misconfiguration.

Please make sure the resources have NTFS permissions for the remote
authenticated identity that is accessing it.

If the remote browser used anonymous access, then it is IUSR. Otherwise, it
is the logged in user running the browser.

Minimum permissions on resources that you want to serve with IIS6 in a
functional manner are IIS_WPG and the desired remote authenticated

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"Arman" <> wrote in message
Hi Jason
I need the anonymous access be on, so I left it on for IUSR_ComputerName,
I also made sure that NTFS permissions are set for "Guests" on that machine
for that resource(folder and files), also I made sure that the "Network
service" under which the default app pull is running also has an access to
those resources
I have tried with both Integrated authentication on and off with no results
also there is a proxy on that server, but I tried with or without again with
no results
the actual error is 401.3
I hope this helps
"Jason Brown [MSFT]" wrote:
> Do you have Integrated authentication enabled and anonymous access
> off, by any chance? and do you connect via a proxy server?
> -- 
> Jason Brown
> Microsoft GTSC, IIS
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> rights.
> "Arman" <> wrote in message
> >I am trying to deploy an application on IIS 6 and when i try  to
> > access any of the pages using the "localhost"
> > then it works, when i try to use the IP address of the computer, then I
> > getting an ACL error saying that "you are not authorized to view this
> > resource" and the page cannot be viewed
> > Does anyone ever had such a problem, and is there a solution for it
> > Any help will be appreciated
> >

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