Re: problem with SSL certificate

From: Ganesh Anekar [MSFT] (
Date: 10/30/04

Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 16:10:35 -0700


You can download following tool and run it on the webserver to verify
certificate is good and there is private key associated with that

Look for server side errors.


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"Vassilis" <> wrote in message 
> w2k3, exchange2k3 sp1
> So far i was using a certificate with wrong common name from an other
> authority. OWA SSL was working fine but in order for RPC to work i needed 
> a
> certificate with the same common name as the DNS name. So from another
> win2k3 server with a certification authority installed i issued a
> certificate for my server.
> Now, the certificate is correctly installed BUT it takes ages to load the
> page with https. If i go to my server on IIS and on directory security and
> click on view certificate the server hangs for a while and then it 
> displays
> the certificate with an explamation icon saying "do not have enough
> information for the certificate" or something like that.
> The same thing happens to the client. from IE we type the address it takes
> ages to display the security notification dialog, we click on view
> certificate, again the computer hangs and then after a while it displays 
> the
> certificate and even though we install it to the client we still get the
> security windows among others.
> Any ideas about this ?
> thank you