suspected fraud

From: jamarose (
Date: 09/30/04

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    Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 01:35:43 -0700

    Dear Sir
    Good Day
    I have received an e - mail from a certain Fllora Adams (
    e-mail address ) of the EAAS
    Lottery Scam notifying me that I have won $250,000 prize
    of the 13th August 2004 Euro - Afro - Asian Sweepstake
    lottery International sponsored by Mr. Bill Gates and the
    Sultan of Brunei. Reading through her e-mail I have
    noticed that the ticket number given to me is the same as
    the ticket no. given in the EAAS Lottery site: for the
    draw of a year before that is July 13th 2003 . The name
    of the Barrister in this site is Jeff Idris where as the
    name of the Barrister in the e-mail I received is Joneb
    Ferguson they are requesting me in a subsequent e-mail to
    pay them $475 in advance for their delivery service of
    the $250,000 cheque to my address .Also the name in the
    source e-mail address is Fllora , (not Flora as in the
    above web site). I forward the two mentioned e-mails
    with their attachments to you . Quite honestly I sense
    some unusual discrepancies make me skeptical . Kindly
    please help me in solving this puzzle of authenticity of
    my winning and their demand of advance money paid to
    them . I shall wait eagerly for your response before I
    commit myself to sending them the money they requested .
    Looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest
    possible convenience . Accept my sincere wishes and
    regards .


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