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From: meripete (
Date: 06/09/04

Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2004 20:29:19 -0500

I booted used the following steps to solve the same problem:
1. Run Adaware 6.0 and delete anything it finds.
2. Boot in Safe Mode (F8 during startup).
3. Deleted a bunch of files that had a time-stamp matching the time
when my problems started. For my system, it meant the following files
from system32: bhbpk.dll, dwspyvb.dll, fjfklm.dll, imh.dll i think this
was the culprit), lcpjl.dll, lihnkmc.dll, mhim.dll, wpa.dbl; from
windows: dict.dat, zaebalinah.exe, winh.exe, iun6002.exe.
4. Still in safe mode, I ran Adaware again. It found one more piece of
5. Ran HijackThis.exe and removed anything that was related to Internet
Explorer except google toolbar stuff.
6. Rebooted in normal mode. Launched IE and set my homepage to google.
7. Closed IE and launched it again to see if the home page would revert
back to about:blank. Luckily, it didn't.
8. Rebooted and tried closing and opening IE a couple of time to be
entirely sure.

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