Re: Move certificate

From: Jerry Pisk (
Date: 06/03/04

Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2004 19:42:47 -0700

Yes, you can do it as long as you imported it as exportable (not a very good
idea). IIS has nothing to do with certificate storage, it just uses them.
I'm just curious - what happened to the certificate when you bought it? Did
you just import it to the web server and deleted it? Next time you might
want to keep a backup, not just for upgrading but what exactly would you do
if your server had a hardware failure?


"Jamelia" <> wrote in message
>I have a W2K Server with II5 and an external certificate
> installed. I'm planning to reinstall that server to W2K3
> and I'm wondering if it is supported and/or possible to
> first export the certificated on the server and then
> import in on the new installed server even though the
> versions of IIS is not the same. Has anybody done this?
> Jameila