Re: Enter Network password prompt

From: Roger Abell [MVP] (
Date: 05/31/04

Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 07:30:16 -0700

They are in a different domain, hence their machines likely
have a different DNS FQDN, and so, their machines will have
a different belief as to just what is "local intranet".
Is the server identified on their machines as belonging to the
zone where you configured their IE to attempt to use Windows
integrated authentication ??

Roger Abell
Microsoft MVP (Windows Server System: Security)
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"Nick Miron" <> wrote in message
> I've got a problem that hopefully someone can help with...
> I have a website on "DomainA" (IIS Win2000 server) setup with Windows
> Integrated Authentication.  If I'm logged on DomainA on a workstation,
> and try to access the website using IE, everything goes thru normally
> (expected behavior).
> If I'm logged on locally on a workstation and try to access same
> website, I get prompted.  Which is again expected...Now, with my own
> workstation (WinXP, IE6 SP2), I have the prompt with only 2 prompts -
> Username & Password.  So, I enter the "DomainA\myUsername" and my
> password, and it goes thru fine.
> I used to get prompted everytime when logged on locally, even if I
> checked the "Save my password" checkbox.  Then I found the settings in
> Internet Options / Security Tab - Custom Level button in the "Security
> Level for this Zone" section.
> At the bottom, in the "Logon" section, if I change the default
> selection of "Automatic logon only in Intranet" to "Automatic logon
> with current username & password" - I do not get prompted anymore, and
> the saved password is passed to IIS and I get access to the site (even
> though I'm not logged in the DomainA).
> Everything is fine so far - but then I have this other group of
> clients, who typically log on to DomainB, but have their a username in
> DomainA.  They didn't want to get prompted everytime, so I told them
> to change the same "Logon" selection in IE, hoping that they'd end up
> with the same situation as I have.
> Thing is, they always get prompted.  Their workstation is Win2000 SP3,
> w/IE6 SP1.
> First obvious difference is, they get the prompt with 3 values -
> Username, Password, and Domain.  (Anyone has any idea why that is
> different than my plain Username/Password prompt?)
> More important though is, no matter what I try, I can't set their
> browser/workstation to not prompt.  I would have thought that the same
> settings that decides if I get prompted or not on my own workstation,
> would do the same thing with theirs...but obviously not.   They do
> select the "Save my password" checkbox - but all that does is
> pre-populate the password for them.  While all they have left to do is
> press enter, it still is too much of an hassle (as the website is for
> a call center application - where every action by the Client Reps has
> to be kept to a minimum)...
> Any ideas?
> Thx