Re: server 2003 cmd.exe renaming

From: Mike D (
Date: 05/20/04

Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 06:11:53 -0700

I rename cmd.exe to mynewname.exe and later there is
cmd.exe and mynewname.exe in the same folder. I don't
know how this is being 're-created'. I am renaming it
while logged on as an admin??


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>what is 'not being changed' ?
>system revert it back ?
>by default in IIS 6.0, only administrative users have
access to commandline
>Bernard Cheah
>"Mike D" <> wrote in
>> I have setup other servers in the past and have always
>> renamed cmd.exe to something only I know. I am trying
>> do this on server 2003 and the file is not being
>> Is this a bad thing to do? How do I change it and keep
>> changed?
>> Mike