Can't get anonymous user access to work

From: Microsoft (
Date: 03/28/04

Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2004 23:51:44 -0800

It's got to be something simple but I just can't see it.

I created a dirtectory and copied an existing web site over to it from
another machine deleting out all the non-content files and directories; then
I created a web and enabled anonymous access using IIS properties for the
site on a win 2003 server. I've checked and added IUSR_machinename to the
NTFS permissions with read/execute enabled; but no matter what I try I
either keep getting the log-in prompt from the browser or the 403 page. I've
deleted the whole thing and tried again this time installing the FP
extensions and setting anonymous access using the FP extensions admin pages;
but still no luck (same behavior).

I'd like to get this 2003 machine working so I can replace my current win2K
machine; this is the first site I've tried to transfer over and it's giving
me fits! I've tried to find KB articles on this process (It's a good bet
that someone has written something on this transfer process or this problem)
but the search engine at microsoft gives you LOTS of anything but useful