Re: IIS 5.0 Windows Authenticion/NT Challenge Response

From: John (
Date: 03/22/04

Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 08:16:55 -0800

Yes, the browser is Internet Explorer. But, even outside
our network through the Internet, it allows for user to
access it without Windows Authentication / NT Challenge
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>Are you using Internet Explorer?
>If so, read this:
>IE, by default, auto logs on to servers in the Intranet
zone, if the server
>prompts IE for credentials.
>"John" <> wrote in
>: I have got the "Default Web Site", Another Site created
>: under the name say "Lotus" for example. This Lotus
>: is having a folder called Lotus1 which should be
>: by people over the Internet through Windows
>: method.
>: I have disabled Anonymous access to this site and have
>: only enabled Windows Authentication Mode. When, I access
>: this site internally or externally through the Internet
>: still does not ask for a Windows Authentication instead
>: goes in directly to the page which we feel is not
>: I am not sure this is happening in Windows NT 4.0 IIS
>: Server as well as Windows 2000 IIS 5.0 server.
>: This server has 2 IP Addresses and the Lotus site is
>: assigned the second IP Address {Virtual IP Address you
>: say).
>: Any clues why it is not working. Thank you for your
>: response in advance.