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From: Yogita Manghnani [MSFT] (
Date: 03/03/04

Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2004 02:23:17 GMT

Hello Rich,
You are right! By default websites in IIS are configured for Anonymous and
Integrated windows authentication. IE (client) chooses to browse the site
anonymously always- and if that fails (anonymous access is not set up on
the site or the anonymous user, IUSR, does not have permissions) then it
will try the other authentication method. For a public site, you should be
ok with either setting- only Anonymous or both Anonymous and Integrated
checked. The reason you might get a prompt for credentials is if anonymous
access fails on that resource- but it shouldn't cause the server hang. If
you provide credentials for a domain user who has permissions on the
content, it should let you browse the site. But that doesn't explain how
rebooting the server fixes the problem.
Check out the links below:;en-us;837139;en-us;310344;en-us;264921

You might want to try having only anonymous access checked, this will
prevent the dialog box for credentials from popping up, and instead the
clients might see an error message. Have them uncheck the option in IE->
tools-> internet options-> show friendly http error messages, close and
open a new IE window. What is the error message in the browser? You also
want to review the event logs for any errors/warnings.

Hope this helps!

Yogita Manghnani
Microsoft Developer Support
Internet Information Server

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