Re: IIS acessing SQL if not in the same domain

From: Michael G. Schneider (
Date: 01/28/04

Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 14:17:53 +0100

"Gaah" <> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

> If you want this to work even if domains aren't the same and without using
> the user/password trick on both machines, you should configure MDAC
> to work with TCP/IP instead of Named Pipes.
> Run cliconfg.exe to configure this.
> This works for whatever version of windows you're running.

You also name it a "trick". So it is no advisable to do so? And it might
break in the future?

I do not yet understand the "TCP/IP vs. Named Pipe" remark. How is
authentification done, if TCP/IP is choosen? Do userid/password have to be
inserted into the connection string?

Michael G. Schneider