Cookie Cached problem

From: SECOVEL (secovel)
Date: 01/05/04

Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2004 16:13:45 -0500

I'm running IIS 6 on Windows 2003 Server. I have an ASP app that issues
cookies for authentication. After a user logs out, waits awhile (about 3
min) and logs back in, 1 particular page (xxx.asp) is still using the old
(deleted!) cookie. I have a "Last Accessed" field in the cookie, and I can
see the new cookie (fom logging in) in the IIS Logs for some pages, and then
when I go to xxx.asp, I see the old "last accessed" value. If I hit
refresh, it then updates the page, and I see the new cookie value. The
cookie is not persistant, and has security = true. The connection HTTPS.

xxx.asp is in a virtual directory. The path is like this:


All the directories (including the virtual) seem to have the same settings.
I've tried adding code to xxx.asp to stop the caching:

Response.CacheControl = "no-cache"
Response.Expires = -1



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