HELP-An unexpected error occurred during logon
Date: 12/30/03

Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2003 07:42:13 -0800

We have an .ASP application running on an IIS 5 W2K
Advanced server, and recently users in another fully
trusted domain are getting HTTP - 500 Internet Server
Errors returned to their browser when accessing the
application. All users within my domain in which is the
Domain that hosts the application can access it fine. On
the application, we are only using Integrated Windows
Authentication. Errors in the security logs on the server
for those trying to access the application who reside in
the other domain are as follows:

Event ID 537
User System
Reason: An unexpected error ocurred durig logon.
Logon type 3

What's strange is successful logins come in properly
meaning displaying the user's login ID. This is the case
for users that are accesing the app that are from the same
domain as the domain in which hosts the app, and the same
way other logins did a few days ago from other Domains.
Now, any user in another Domain displays the System ID as
in the error above?

If someone could help that would be great.. I have no idea
why this is all of a sudden ocurring as we have not
changed any security and all looks fine.