Re: Security
Date: 12/09/03

Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003 06:06:35 -0800

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>>"Rex" <> wrote in message
>>> I am having trouble with securing my web site. It is a
>>> Corporate web and I need to know how to stop someone
>>> editing it in front page. If I turn off authoring that
>>> stops that but I have .XLS spread sheets that need to
>>> able to be saved and with authoring off I can't. I
>>> tried all kinds off diferent ways and I can't get
>>> work at the same time.
>>You need to set appropriate NTFS permissions on the
>>Microsoft Internet Information Server
>> Administration
>> Server Administration
>> Security
>> Authentication
>> Access Control
>>HOW TO: Configure IIS 5.0 Web Site Authentication in
>Windows 2000
>>HOW TO: Configure User and Group Access on an Intranet
>in Windows 2000 or
>>Windows NT 4.0
>>HOW TO: Configure IIS Web Site Authentication in
>Server 2003
>>Tom Kaminski IIS MVP
>> - tools, scripts, and
>utilities for running IIS
>>I am running Windows XP Pro and Frontpage2003 if this
>makes any difference.
>So if I turn off "enable authoring" and then make
changes to the NTFS security this should work? I have
looked at this before and was not able to figure it out
so I will try again.