Re: IIS and Raidus authentication

From: Edward Eckenstein (
Date: 11/29/03

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    Date: 29 Nov 2003 10:30:07 -0800

    Mr. Kokkinias

    Our product RadIIS will do exactly this. It intercepts
    username/passwords from users for directories using standard 'Basic
    Authentication' (supported by all browsers and IIS) and authenticates
    from a Radius server you specify. Upon successful authentication, a
    single NT username/password is assigned (this is invisible to the
    user). The username typed into the browser will appear next to every
    item accessed in the IIS logs.

    Please check out our web site:

    Ed Eckenstein
    TCP Data

    "Theodoros Kokkinias" <> wrote in message news:<OyPCoWprDHA.1760@TK2MSFTNGP10.phx.gbl>...
    > We have just set up a Windows 2003 Server Standard and put up a site with
    > IIS. We would like users from the internet to have to authenticate when
    > visiting the site but do not want to create accounts for all these "public"
    > users in our active directory... We allready have a triple A radius running
    > and we would like to use that in order to authenticate the users. Any
    > chance of actually being able to do that?
    > Thanx in advance.

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